Journey to the West, Chapter by chapter

Chapter 1 - The Divine Root Conceives and the Spring Breaks Forth, As the Heart’s Nature Is Cultivated, the Great Way Arises
Chapter 2 - He Becomes Aware of the Wonderful Truth of Enlightenment, By Killing the Demon He Realizes His Spirit-Nature
Chapter 3 - The Four Seas and Thousand Mountains All Submit,In the Ninth Hell the Tenth Category Is Struck Off the Register
Chapter 4 - Dissatisfied at Being Appointed Protector of the Horses, Not Content with the Title of Equal of Heaven
Chapter 5 - After Chaos Among the Peaches the Great Sage Steals the Pills, In the Revolt Against Heaven the Gods Capture the Demons
Chapter 6 - Guanyin Comes to the Feast and Asks the Reason Why, The Little Sage Uses His Might to Subdue the Great Sage
Chapter 7 - The Great Sage Escapes from the Eight Trigrams Furnace, The Mind-Ape Is Fixed Beneath Five Elements Mountain
Chapter 8 - Our Buddha Creates the Scriptures and Passes on Perfect Bliss, Guanyin Obeys a Decree and Goes to Chang'an
Chapter 9 - Chen Guangrui Comes to Grief on His Way to His Post, The Monk of the River Current Avenges His Parents
Chapter 10 - With a Stupid Plan the Dragon King Breaks the Laws of Heaven, Minister Wei Sends a Letter to an Officer of Hell
Chapter 11 - After Touring the Underworld, Taizong Returns to Life By Presenting a Pumpkin Liu Quan Continues His Marriage
Chapter 12 - The Tang Emperor Keeps Faith and Holds a Great Mass, Guanyin Appears to the Reincarnated Golden Cicada
Chapter 13 - He Falls into the Tiger's Den and Is Saved by the Planet Venus, On Double-Forked Peak Boqin Entertains the Priest
Chapter 14 - The Mind-Ape Returns to Truth, The Six Bandits Disappear Without Trace
Chapter 15 - On the Coiled Snake Mountain the Gods Give Secret Help, In the Eagle's Sorrow Gorge the Thought-Horse Is Reined in
Chapter 16 - The Monks of the Guanyin Monastery Plot to Take the Treasure, The Monster of the Black Wind MountainSteals the Cassock
Chapter 17 - Brother Monkey Makes Trouble on the Black Wind Mountain, Guanyin Subdues the Bear Spirit
Chapter 18 - The Tang Priest Is Rescued in the Guanyin Temple, The Great Sage Removes a Monster from Gao Village
Chapter 19 - In the Cloud Pathway Cave Sun Wukong Wins over Zhu Bajie,On Pagoda Mountain Xuanzang Receives the Heart Sutra
Chapter 20 - The Tang Priest Meets Trouble on the Yellow Wind Ridge, Pig Wins Mastery Halfway up the Mountain
Chapter 21 - The Protectors of the Faith Build a Farm for the Great Sage,Lingji from Sumeru Pacifies the Wind Devil
Chapter 22 - Pig Fights a Great Battle in the Flowing Sands River, Moksa Obeys the Dharma and Wins Friar Sand Over
Chapter 23 - Sanzang Does Not Forget the Basic,The Four Holy Ones Have Their Piety Tested
Chapter 24 - On the Mountain of Infinite Longevity a Great Immortal Entertains an Old Friend,In the Wuzhuang Temple Monkey Steals Manfruit
Chapter 25 - The Immortal Zhen Yuan Captures the Pilgrim Priest, Monkey Makes Havoc in the Wuzhuang Temple
Chapter 26 - The Mind-Ape Returns to Truth, The Six Bandits Disappear Without Trace
Chapter 27 - The Corpse Fiend Thrice Tricks Tang Sanzang, The Holy Monk Angrily Dismisses the Handsome Monkey King
Chapter 28 - On the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit the Devils Rise, Sanzang Meets a Monster in the Black Pine Forest
Chapter 29 - Sanzang, Delivered, Crosses a Border, A Grateful Pig Tours Mountains and Forests
Chapter 30 - An Evil Monster Harms the True Law, The Mind−Horse Remembers the Heart−Ape
Chapter 31 - Pig Moves the Monkey King Through His Goodness, Sun the Novice Subdues the Ogre Through Cunning
Chapter 32 - On Flat−Top Mountain, the Duty God Delivers a Message,In Lotus Flower Cave, Pig Runs into Trouble
Chapter 33 - Heterodoxy Confuses the True Nature,The Primal Deity Helps the Original Heart
Chapter 34 - The Demon King's Cunning Causes the Mind−Ape Trouble, The Great Sage Wins the Treasures Through Improvisation
Chapter 35 - The Power of Heterodoxy Oppresses the True Nature, The Mind−Ape Wins the Treasures and Beats the Demons
Chapter 36 - When the Mind−Ape Stands Correct, All Evil Causes Submit, When the Side−Gate Is Smashed, the Moon Appears in Its Brightness
Chapter 37 - The Royal Ghost Visits the Tang Priest at Night, Wukong's Magic Transformation Lures the Boy
Chapter 38 - Questioning His Mother, the Boy Sorts Right from Wrong, When Metal and Wood Join in the Mystery, Truth an Falsehood Are Clear
Chapter 39 - A Pill of Red Cinnabar Is Brought from Heaven, After Three Years the Monarch Is Revived
Chapter 40 - The Boy Fools with Transformations, Disturbing the Dhyana Heart Ape and Horse Return with a Knife; the Mother of Wood Is Empty
Chapter 41 - The Mind−Ape Is Defeated by Fire, The Mother of Wood Is Captured by a Demon
Chapter 42 - The Great Sage Reverently Visits the Southern Sea, Guanyin in Her Mercy Binds the Red Boy
Chapter 43 - At the Black River a Monster Carries Off the Priest, The Dragon Prince of the West Captures an Alligator
Chapter 44 - The Primal Movement of the Dharma Body encounters a Cart, Evil in the Heart's Centre Crosses the Backbone Pass
Chapter 45 - In the Hall of the Three Pure Ones the Great Sage Leaves His Name, In the Kingdom of Tarrycart the Monkey King Shows His Powers
Chapter 46 - False Faith Oppresses the True Dharma, The Sage Mind−Ape Eliminates Evil
Chapter 47 - The Holy Monk Is Stopped by the River of Heaven at Night, Metal and Wood in Their Mercy Rescue a Child
Chapter 48 - A Devilish Blizzard Makes the Snow Whirl, The Monk Who Seeks to Worship Buddha Walks on Ice
Chapter 49 - Sanzang's Great Misfortune Is to Fall into the River, Guanyin's Fish Basket Saves the Tang Priest
Chapter 50 - Feelings Run Wild and Nature Gets Loose Because of Desire In Confusion of Spirit, the Heart Is Disturbed and the Demon Encountered
Chapter 51 - In Vain Does the Mind−Ape Use a Thousand Trick, Fire and Water Fail to Harm the Demon
Chapter 52 - Monkey Makes Havoc in the Jindou Cave, The Buddha Gives a Hint About the Owner
Chapter 53 - The Dhyana Master Conceives after Eating a Meal, The Yellow-Wife Brings Waster to Remove a Devil Foetus
Chapter 54 - The Buddha-Nature Traveling West Enters Womankind, The Mind-Ape Makes a Plan to Escape from the Beauties
Chapter 55 - The Tang Priest Is Tempted with Sex and Debauchery, Because His Nature Is Upright He Resists Unharmed
Chapter 56 - The Spirit Goes Wild and Wipes Out the Bandits, The Way in Confusion Sends the Mind-Ape Away
Chapter 57 - The True Sun Wukong Makes His Complaint at Potaraka, The False Monkey King Copies a Document in the Water Curtain Cave
Chapter 58 - Two Minds Throw Heaven and Earth into Uproar, One Body Cannot Achieve True Nirvana
Chapter 59 - Sanzang's Way Is Blocked at the Fiery Mountains, Monkey First Tries to Borrow the Plantain Fan
Chapter 60 - The Bull Demon King Gives Up the Fight to Go to a Feast, Monkey Tries the Second Time to Borrow the Plantain Fan
Chapter 61 - Zhu Bajie Helps to Defeat a Demon King, Monkey's Third Attempt to Borrow the Fan
Chapter 62 - Cleansed and with a Washed Heart He Sweeps the Pagoda, The Devils Are Captured and Converted; the Body Is Cultivated
Chapter 63 - Two Monks Wipe out the Demons in the Dragon Palace, The Sages Destroy Evil and Recover the Treasure
Chapter 64 - Wuneng Works Hard on Thorn RidgeSanzang, Talks of Poetry in the Wood Immortals' Hermitage
Chapter 65 - A Demon Creates a False Thunder Peak, All Four Pilgrims Meet with Disaster
Chapter 66 - All the Gods Meet a Vicious Foe, Maitreya Binds the Evil Monster
Chapter 67 - The Dhyana-Nature Is Stable and Tuoluo Village Is Saved, The Mind of the Way Is Purified As Corruption Is Removed
Chapter 68 - In the Land of Purpuria the Tang Priest Discusses History, Sun the Pilgrim in His Charity Offers to Be a Doctor
Chapter 69 - The Heart's Master Prepares Medicine in the Night, The Monarch Discusses a Demon at the Banquet
Chapter 70 - The Evil Monster's Treasures Emit Smoke, Sand and Fire Wukong Steals the Golden Bells by Trickery
Chapter 71 - Under a False Name Monkey Beats the Demon Hound, Guanyin Appears to Subdue the Demon King
Chapter 72 - The Seven Emotions Confuse the Basic in Gossamer Cave, At Filth-Cleansing Spring Pig Forgets Himself
Chapter 73 - The Emotions Bear a Grudge and Inflict Disaster, The Heart's Master Smashes the Light When He Meets the Demons
Chapter 74 - Li Changgeng Reports the Demons' Vicious Nature, The Novice Displays His Powers of Transformation
Chapter 75 - The Mind-Ape Bores a Hole in the Male and Female Jar, The Demon King Returns and the Way Is Preserved
Chapter 76 - When the Heart Spirit Stays in the Home the Demons Submit, The Mother of Wood Helps Bring Monsters to the Truth
Chapter 77 - The Demon Host Mistreats the Fundamental Nature, The One Body Pays His Respects to the Buddha
Chapter 78 - In Bhiksuland the Hidden Gods Are Sent on an Errand of Mercy, In the Palace the Monster Is Revealed and the Way Discussed
Chapter 79 - Searching the Cave to Capture the Fiend They Meet Longevity, The Reigning Monarch Saves the Little Boys
Chapter 80 - The Young Girl Seeks a Mate to Build Up the Male, Protecting His Master the Mind-Ape Sees Through a Demon
Chapter 81 - The Mind-Ape Recognizes a Monster in the Monastery, The Three Search for Their Master in Black Pine Forest
Chapter 82 - The Girl Seeks the Male, The Primal Deity Guards the Way
Chapter 83 - The Mind-Ape Recognizes the Refiner of Cinnabar, The Girl Reverts to Her True Nature
Chapter 84 - The Indestructible Proteges of the Buddha Complete Enlightenment, The Dharma King Comes to the Truth Through His Own Nature
Chapter 85 - The Mind-ape is jealous of the Mother of Wood, The Demon Chief Plots to Devour the Master of Dhyana
Chapter 86 - The Mother of Wood Lends His Might in Defeating the Ogre, The Metal Lord Uses His Magic to Wipe Out the Monster
Chapter 87 - When Heaven Is Offended in Fengxian It Stops the Rain, The Great Sage Urges Goodness and Brings a Downpour
Chapter 88 - When the Dhyana Reaches Yuhua a Display of Magic Is Given, The Mind-Ape and the Mother of Wood Take Their Own Disciples
Chapter 89 - The Tawny Lion Spirit Arranges a Rake Feast in Vain, Metal, Wood and Earth Make Havoc on Mount Leopard Head
Chapter 90 - By Giving and Receiving the Master and the Lion Turn into One, After Stealing the Way and Obstructing Dhyana Ninefold Numinosity Is Pacified
Chapter 91 - Admiring the Moon Festival Lanterns in Jinping, The Tang Priest Confesses in Dark Essence Cave
Chapter 92 - Three Monks Wage a Great Fight on Green Dragon Mountain, Four Stars Seize the Rhinoceros Monsters
Chapter 93 - In the Almsgiver's Garden Antiquity and Causes Are Discussed, In the Court of India the King Meets the Monks
Chapter 94 - The Four Monks Dine to Music in the Palace Gardens, One Demon Loves in Vain and Longs for Bliss
Chapter 95 - False and True Form Combine When the Jade Hare is Captured, The True Female Is Converted and Meets With Spiritual Origin
Chapter 96 - Squire Kou Entertains the Lofty Monk, The Tang Priest Does Not Covet Wealth and Honour
Chapter 97 - The Monks and Their Supporters Meet With Demonic Attack, The Sage Makes the Spirit Reappear to Save the Primal One
Chapter 98 - When the Ape and the Horse Are Tamed They Cast Off Their Husks, When All the Deeds Have Been Done Reality Is Seen
Chapter 99 - When the Nine Nines Are Complete the Demons Are All Destroyed, After the Triple Threes Are Fulfilled the Way Returns to Its Roots
Chapter 100 - The Journey Back to the East Is Made, The Five Immortals Achieve Nirvana