The Cassock and Staff

The monk Kuya with his staff, by Kosho, 13th c. Rokuharamitsuji temple, Kyoto, Japan

A staff is a symbol of instruction; he who holds it, crosses the Jordan. -- Evagrios the Solitary, The Philokalia (Greek Orthodox Christian text)

Crossing the Jordan symbolizes reaching the other shore, Divine Presence.

It is said that when the mind is confused, it is this shore. When the mind is enlightened, it is the other shore. -- Huineng (6th Patriarch of Zen buddhism)
When the virtues are interwoven in accordance with the intelligence, they form a holy garment for the soul.
-- Maximos the Confessor , The Philokalia

EXPLANATION: Flexible receptivity open and balanced, one's virtue is sufficient to make people obey; one is trusted without speaking, one educates without teaching. This is like a yellow garment on the body, representing the sun emerging in the darkness; the refinement and virtue within naturally show outwardly. Therefore it is the great auspicious manifestation of the path of submission. -- Liu Yiming, Hexagram #2 Earth, The Taoist I Ching

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