The Moon

Sun Wukong, the Monkey King

The aim of moral discipline is to purify the heart from the rust of passion and resentment, till, like a clear mirror, it reflects the light of God. -- Al-Ghazali (11th c. Persian Sufi mystic)
The crescent moon symbolizes the sudden manifestation of the celestial root in people when they have attained utter stillness. This celestial root is called the mind of Tao. -- Liu Yiming (18th c. Taoist master.)

The moon is another symbol for the mind that is trying to awaken the original spirit. The waxing of the moon represents the firing process.

Sun Wukong, the Monkey King
The firing process spoken of in the alchemical classics and writings of the masters is a metaphor for the order of practical spiritual work. -- Liu Yiming
The moon waxing to fullness is a secret passed on by word of mouth. The medicinal substances are hard to know, and the firing process is not easy to understand. Students should hasten to find a genuine teacher. -- Liu Yiming
You should quickly set about increasing the fire, gathering yang and putting it into the furnace of evolution, gradually gathering, gradually refining, from vagueness to clarity, from one yang to complete purity of six yangs. This is also like the mid-autumn moon, exceptionally bright, shining through the universe. -- Liu Yiming (commentary on Understanding Reality by Zhang Boduan)

When the full moon of contemplation is reached, you will be pure. -- Journey to the West Ch. 19

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