The Pill of Immortality

The pill of immortality is an idea from the Taoist tradition.

Li Tie Guai, one of the eight immortals and the Chinese God of Healing with the pill of immortality.
Ancient immortals used the term Golden Pill (Elixir) as a metaphor of the essence of true consciousness, which is fundamentally complete and illumined. Growing from one yang to gradually reach the pure wholeness of six yangs, going from vague to clear, the Gold Elixir develops naturally. -- Liu Yiming (18th c. Taoist master)
Instead of spending a whole day in exercises like the yogi, a week in prayer like the monk, or a month in self-torture like the fakir, the sly man simply prepares and swallows a little pill which contains all the substances he wants and, in this way, without loss of time,
he obtains the required results. -- Gurdjieff (20th c. Fourth Way spiritual teacher)

The pill or elixir of immortality symbolizes self-consciouness or self-remembering, a state of self- awareness in which one`s Higher Self is awake.

Sometimes it seems to me that the pill which the sly man swallowed, and gained at once what the others worked for, for years, was 'things as they are, myself as I am'. One learns to swallow oneself, gifts, weaknesses and all, without either inner praise or blame. …After that things begin to change, but not in the way one expected.
-- Rodney Collin (20th c. Fourth Way spiritual teacher)

Swallowing oneself, or in other words, accepting oneself completely, can only occur in the state of self remembering when one`s Higher Self is awake and separate from the lower self. In that state, the Higher Self understands that it is not the lower self and that it just happens to be in the particular body that it`s in. After the state subsides the lower self retains some of this understanding and this understanding makes one see the world and oneself differrently, resulting in a certain change. The deeper the state was, or the more often one experiences it, the bigger the change is. One of the changes that occurs, is that one can now accept certain aspects of oneself, that before always created emotional diffculties in one.The higher state of consciousness that one experienced is out of time, which is why it is called immortal.

Alice: How long is forever? White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second.
-- Lewis carrol, Alice in Wonderland
Eternal life is the time of union with the Beloved, because that moment is timeless.
-- Rumi (13th c. Sufi mystic and poet)
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