The Tree of Life

The miraculous tree is the tree of life.

The miraculous tree from 2011 The Journey to the West TV series
In sleep I become a night-silent tree rooted in non-being. As I awake, the tree puts forth branches and leaves.
-- Bahauddin (12th C, Sufi scholar and poet)

Sleep refers to the psychological state of sleep that man spend his whole life in.

Man lives his life in sleep, and in sleep he dies. -- Gurdjieff (20th c. Fourth Way spiritual teacher)
When a man ascends in the degrees of knowledge, he will come to know that he is a dreamer in the state of ordinary wakefulness and that the situation in which he dwells is a dream. -- Ibn Arabi (13th c. Andalusian Sufi mystic and philosopher )

As I awake refers to becoming aware one is asleep and then having the desire to awaken one`s Higher Self. This desire in the heart is symbolized by the Tree of Life.

The Egyptian Goddess Hathor as the Tree of Life,
The tomb of Sennedjem. Luxor, Egypt

When the desire comes, it is a tree of life.
-- The Bible, Proverbs 12:12

Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps the singing bird will come. -- Chinese proverb

Monkey destroying the tree represents negative emotions or the lower mind (Monkey returning to his former wicked behavior) getting rid of the desire to be present.

Do not take a woman's words to your heart. A woman is a disease who does not leave the tree (of Life) without having destroyed it. -- Egyptian Texts
A ‘woman’ represents someone who is slave to his desires and unable to consider anything or anyone except himself. -- Ibn Arabi

A woman refers to a woman in both men and women. Guan Yin restoring the tree represents the return of the desire and effort to be present, with the help of a higher power.

I have become one with the tree of life. My glory rises like the mountain peak. I have realized the Self.
-- Upanishads

The Tree of life coexists in three worlds. The roots are buried in the Underworld, the trunk rests on Earth and the branches soar up to Heaven. These three worlds symbolize three worlds in man. Underworld represents the lower self, Earth represents the heart and Heaven represents the Higher Self. In the Underworld the tree or the heart, the desire to be present, is absent. As Bahaudin said, it is a night-silent tree rooted in non-being. Earth refers to the tree or the heart making the effort to awaken the Higher Self. Heaven refers to the state of the awakened Higher Self, sustained by the tree or the heart.

The assault of Mara, 19th century Tibetan Thanka, Price of Whales museum, Mumbai

Buddha awakening under the Bodhi tree symbolizes the desire to be present in the heart, supporting the state of the presence of the Higher Self. Mara, the lower self, doesn`t want Buddha to pass beyond his control and sends out his army, the many thoughts, emotions and instinctive impulses going round in our mind, to distract Buddha. However, Buddha doesn`t pay any attention to these intruding thoughts and emotions and stays present because the heart is strong enough. This can occur in any and all situations. One does not need to be sitting in meditation.

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